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Just another Hello World (this world is being greeted everytime a developer begins a new project)

Ok, here we are. After around one year and half, we have a beta release of wedjinni, 8 languages for the front-end, 2 languages for the back end of the web app, an iOS app to be released on June, an Android app to be released on August and A LOT of energy left!

This happens when you love what you do; instead of consuming energy it produces new and this energy helps you go on.

So, today, in the long list of achievements and the even longer of toDO items, we were able to wipe out the “Create a Blog for Wedjinni” entry. Hooray!

And for every item deleted on the list, new appear like the mythical greek Lernaean Hydra. So we now have to add content to the blog. Thankfully, this is the most exciting part of our job, because we always felt we had so much to say for wedjinni and what we do here. We also have some truly amazing bloggers with us, that will write about your wedding preparations, give tips about your perfect wedding day and also provide you with last minute tips.

Jim, on the other hand, will give more and more details about our Application Programming Interface (aka wedjinni api), which can help developers connect their project to wedjinni and exchange information.

This is an exciting stop for us, in an even more exciting journey.

And we are happy to have you along.

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Theodore is an experienced entrepreneur and Internet specialist for the last 13 years. He founded a successful web developing firm in Greece back in 2000 and a number of other small startups. In 2012, he started the materialization of wedjinni with his new company Imperatus, aiming to provide the "best tool ever made" for soon-to-get-married couples. When he is not in front of a computer screen (or a tablet), he enjoys cycling and off-roading with his trustful Suzuki Samurai.

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