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wedjinni for iOS, running on iPhone in Early Alpha Stage (aka not working)

We are like kids. When kids do something they are proud of, they show it off all the time to others to share their excitement.
So, here is an early alpha stage of wedjinni running on an iPhone in very early alpha stage. We have progressed a lot since that, but we love to show off :)

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Theodore is an experienced entrepreneur and Internet specialist for the last 13 years. He founded a successful web developing firm in Greece back in 2000 and a number of other small startups. In 2012, he started the materialization of wedjinni with his new company Imperatus, aiming to provide the "best tool ever made" for soon-to-get-married couples. When he is not in front of a computer screen (or a tablet), he enjoys cycling and off-roading with his trustful Suzuki Samurai.

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