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How to -better- manage your wedding expenses with wedjinni

Managing your wedding expenses, is one of the most difficult parts of your wedding planning. Especially when you are on a tight budget or if you never have managed the cost of a project before. What? You never thought that your wedding is indeed a project? I am sorry but eventually you will see that the similarities (at least on management-related stuff) are more than the differences.

Thankfully, wedjinni’s budget and expenses tool is quite detailed and will help you manage all your wedding costs and also keep track of important statistical information while doing it.

So let’s see some tips about managing your wedding expenses with wedjinni:

1. Add Details
Since you are adding your wedding expenses early in your wedding planning, some of the in-depth details may not be available to you just yet; but adding some details in your expenses entries will help you later when you need to finalize them and try to choose which one you like best.

adding details to wedding expenses entries in wedjinni

adding details to your wedding expenses entries, will help you when you need to decide.

Adding more details in wedjinni is easy:  you just hit enter and the entry is not being saved; instead a new line is being added so you can continue typing your expense’s details.

2. Keep track of who has last edited the entry.

The little colored vertical line in the entry’s cell, shows who (the groom or the bride), last updated it. This can help you when you are wondering if you or your other half has made that change which altered your budget significantly the last day.

3. Assign the payer of the expense early

You may not know if you finally are going to assign that specific job to a specific vendor or how much the final price will be, but tradition (or your personal preferences) will dictate who is going to pay the bill for it. Assigning that early in your budget entries, will help  you keep track of how much of your wedding expenses your close relatives and important individuals will have to cover and allow early fine tuning. By clicking on any of the top budget totals in the Budget / Expenses screen, you will get a detailed view of how they are divided.


assigning the payer of an expense early, will help you having always an idea of cost distribution

It doesn’t matter if costs are finalized or not, you always get detailed information of how your wedding budget is spent.

4. Update the payment status

By updating the payment status of each expense’s entry, you will be able to always have a snapshot of your wedding expenses with a simple glimpse on Expenses section. Just slide and save. The numbers on the top are dynamically updating to reflect your changes.

5. Keep your gifts / registry section updated

By adding the monetary gifts you receive from your guests, wedjinni is calculating those entries against your wedding cost displayed on the top of the  left sidebar / navigation section. It still displays your expenses’ totals on the Budget Screen but it also shows how much your wedding is REALLY going to cost you by checking on the money gifts you receive.

So, by using wedjinni’s Budget / Expenses tool for managing your wedding expenses will help you quickly and effortlessly manage everything regarding cost and payments. If you need to further work on your expenses list, wedjinni allows you to export your entries and continue on any application acepting a csv file import. Same goes, if you already started managing your expenses on a spreadsheed and found that it is not what you wanted or feeling limited by it. Wedjinni will happily consume your csv file and let you continue your wedding cost management with it.

Coming up next: Managing your Guests and RSVPs with Wedjinni.

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