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Wedding Bliss & Budgets: Money Saving Tips for Planning Your Special Day

Let’s face it- as much as we dream about the perfect wedding, reality sets in and forcing us to awake to the harsh reality of how quickly costs can add up; making us realize we just may not be able to afford the wedding of our dreams. But, now you can relax knowing that it’s much easier than you think to plan the wedding of your dreams on a budget that works for you. Here are some practical tips:

Off-Season Weddings Are “ON”

May and October are popular wedding months, but not for a bride looking to save a little extra wedding cash. Scheduling your wedding off-season saves money and gives you the opportunity to negotiate with vendors on price. Off-season wedding planning also opens up a wealth of venue options. The most popular venues in your location may be impossible to schedule during prime wedding months, but a piece of cake during those quieter months. Want to make finding a venue in your budget even easier? Try jinniQuest by Wedjinni. This service gives couples the opportunity to request quotes for specific wedding services, like venue, with the click of a button. You provide the details: budget, date, time and location of wedding. JinniQuest then sends your wish to vendors. Vendors who are able to meet your requests, including budget, respond within one day (jinniQuest will be generally available on June).

Keep a Close Watch on the Guest List

While it’s tempting to go a bit crazy with your guest list, keep in mind that fewer guests equal fewer costs. Use the “year test.” If there are friends you haven’t spoken with in over a year, cross them off. Try to stick with your immediate circle of friends and family. Your guests might be less, but on a positive note, more drinks for everybody- cheers!

Don’t Settle for Outrageous Prices – Shop Around for Your Wedding Dress

Listen up, brides! There are so many options when locating a beautiful bridal dress that won’t break the bank. There are plenty of undiscovered little shops that carry elegant, white, non-label wedding dresses that could rival Vera Wang if put to the test. Non-label wedding dresses are gorgeous and reasonable in price. Clearly a win-win situation! High end consignment shops are another great option if you are okay wearing another person’s wedding dress. Of course, you could always take the sentimental route and wear your mother’s gown or the gown of another family member if you sizes and taste are similar. Vintage is always chic and affordable.

Location, Location, Location

Costs vary depending on the location of your wedding so be sure to examine all your options. Whether it is a church or synagogue, bed and breakfast, reception hall, or another location, be sure to shop around before finalizing your location. Feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the choices? Let Wedjinni do the work for you so you can relax and enjoy planning your wedding.

Get Crafty

Have some fun! Design your own centerpieces. Make it an event and enlist your family and friends to help get the creative juices flowing. Flowers, candles, and baskets are all great options to create an original design for your special day.

Most importantly, have fun planning your special day! Remember that Wedjinni is here to support you every step of the way to help build the excitement and lessen the stress.

Do you have tips to help save money while planning a wedding? We would love to hear from you. Share your ideas in the comment box below.





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