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Wedding Invitation Tips: What Details to Include

You’ve got the letterpress and calligraphy down. The colors and styles for your wedding invitation have been decided. Now the next step is to make sure that the most important details will not be left out. Here are the things to double check before approving and sending those invites.


RSVPs are the couple’s and wedding planner’s best friend. Receiving RSVPs on time will give you more time to finalize your headcount and seating charts. Give your guests two to three weeks to respond to your invitation. Keep track of your RSVPs regularly and coordinate any changes with your caterer right away. Some guests might not respond to RSVPs promptly. It is okay to give these guests a quick follow-up call one week before the big day.


Aside from indicating the time the ceremony or reception starts, you can also include when the celebration ends. This is important for guests who might have other commitments for the night or those who have work on the next day. Also, if you have guests coming in from out of town it will also help them plan their trips around your schedule.

Are children invited?

If you are sending wedding invitations to parents, the question of whether children can be brought will come up. On a wedding invitation, the names of the invitees are listed. This means that since writing ‘no children allowed’ will seem very out of place for an invitation, simply excluding the names of the children is enough.

What to wear

Most weddings are formal events. However, whether your wedding is the traditional suits and long gowns event or one that is more laid back, dress codes should always be indicated in your wedding invitation. The terms ‘black-tie’ or ‘cocktails attire’ are applicable for the formal receptions. You can also use ‘casual attire’ or a more creative description if you are planning for a more laid back celebration.

…and Guest

When inviting single friends, writing ‘and guest’ next to their names is usually a polite way of making sure they will have good company at your wedding. When inviting friends who are married or in a serious relationship, ‘and guest’ or ‘plus one’ should be replaced by actual names.

You do not have to extend a plus-one to every single family member or friend that you are inviting. Simply writing a single friend’s name without extending a plus one does not mean you’re not polite. If you have limited seating or simply want to enjoy your big day with close friends and family, it is perfectly okay not to add ‘and guest’ next to an invitee’s name.

In general…

Your wedding invitation should serve as a guide to your guests. These are the friends and family whom you have chosen to celebrate your big day with. You will be sharing your vows, your feasts, and will be dancing to your wedding bands with. Make sure your invites will help them feel welcome and comfortable from the ceremony to the end of the reception.

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