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Organization 101: Tips for Staying Organized While Planning Your Wedding

Your engagement is one of the most exciting times of your life, not including the actual wedding, of course! With all the excitement swirling it is all too easy to get caught up in the whirl of emotions, procrastinating on attending to the overwhelming details of wedding planning- so much to do, so little time. Staying organized, is the key to staying sane during the planning process. Here are some tips to keep you from spinning out of control.

Start Planning Up to 16 Months Ahead

There are some early planning tasks you should take care of shortly after the engagement to make the planning process easier, such as:

Wedding Party-  Choose your bridal attendants and groomsmen shortly after the engagement. Not only will your wedding party be eager and willing to help getting some of the details and tasks together, it also gives them time to prepare for the cost of their portion of the wedding, too.

File Folder- A file folder helps you keep everything in place. Start by collecting ideas, inspirations, bridal magazines and anything else which will help you come up with ideas for planning your special day. If you are a techie/eco-conscious bride, consider using Pinterest pin boards to organize your thoughts and ideas.

Guest List- Compiling a guest list is not as easy as it sounds, folks. You not only have to consider your friends and family, but the many requests from family members who want to have a say about your wedding guest list. An early start saves time in planning, organization, and minor arguments that MAY occur.

Countdown to Eight Months

It’s eight months before your wedding, which means it’s time to locate the ideal caterer and photographer. Do not overwhelm yourself with too many choices; it will only lead to confusion. Do your research and narrow your selections to a few vendors. From there, make a decision together. Teamwork helps immensely as you make your selections. It is important that the bride and groom feel like equal partners in the planning of this special occasion. To make this easier, you may want to consider using online tools to help with time and organization, because let’s face it, in the modern world everyone is always overscheduled!

Try jinniQuest by Wedjinni, allowing couples to request quotes for specific wedding services, like venue, with the click of a button- what could be easier than that to keep everything in one place, secure, and organized.

It’s Time for Fun: Register Wisely

Registering for gifts is a relaxing and fun experience for couples, but can create stress for guests if you create registries at too many stores.  It is best to stick with two locations when registering. Pick a sensible store and a whimsical store to give your guests freedom to choose something that they feel represents the two of you. These days retail stores carry everything you need and you can even register and shop online.

Too many brides let the minor details cloud their wedding day. Properly organizing and strategizing your wedding planning equals less stress and more enjoyment.

Any organization tips you would like to share? Talk to us!



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