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During the research for the perfect professional for each wedding task, we always struggle to find the best, the quickest, the fastest, and the cheapest if possible. Ok, perhaps not the most cheap, but the most economical while providing all the above. In fact, we lose so much time trying to find the best wedding venue, the best wedding photographer, caterer etc, ending up being overwhelmed with tons of information that is hard to process. At the top of all the above, sits the availability for each of them: This photographer is amazing, has the perfect eye for us, but, will he be available for my wedding day? Or will we be able to pay him?

So, let’s take the whole procedure in reverse mode: Let’s say you have a specific day for your wedding, a specific time and place and you already know how much from your budget can spend for your photographer. Why don’t communicate all this information to all the photographers that can offer their services to your area and wait and see what happens?

This is (will be) jinniQuest. The jinniQuest platform, is near completion and will be offered to all wedjinni clients for free. You can just click on jinniQuest, enter the details of the job that needs to be done, send the message and wait. The jinni will send the information to the registered professionals and they will get back to you promptly, sending you their proposals and samples from their job. Best of all? You know already that they are in your budget and they will be available for your wedding day. It’s now up to you to choose the best without messing with tons of sites, promos, flyers and lost time.

In case you want to find more about jinniQuest as a wedding professional, just register for early access at

We will even give you some free OilDrops to begin sending your proposals. And keep in mind, the wedjinni mobile app (available on June) will serve selected wedding vendors with geolocation data at the hands of the brides. You better be on the list!


Your engagement is one of the most exciting times of your life, not including the actual wedding, of course! With all the excitement swirling it is all too easy to get caught up in the whirl of emotions, procrastinating on attending to the overwhelming details of wedding planning- so much to do, so little time. Staying organized, is the key to staying sane during the planning process. Here are some tips to keep you from spinning out of control.

Start Planning Up to 16 Months Ahead

There are some early planning tasks you should take care of shortly after the engagement to make the planning process easier, such as:

Wedding Party-  Choose your bridal attendants and groomsmen shortly after the engagement. Not only will your wedding party be eager and willing to help getting some of the details and tasks together, it also gives them time to prepare for the cost of their portion of the wedding, too.

File Folder- A file folder helps you keep everything in place. Start by collecting ideas, inspirations, bridal magazines and anything else which will help you come up with ideas for planning your special day. If you are a techie/eco-conscious bride, consider using Pinterest pin boards to organize your thoughts and ideas.

Guest List- Compiling a guest list is not as easy as it sounds, folks. You not only have to consider your friends and family, but the many requests from family members who want to have a say about your wedding guest list. An early start saves time in planning, organization, and minor arguments that MAY occur.

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Let’s face it- as much as we dream about the perfect wedding, reality sets in and forcing us to awake to the harsh reality of how quickly costs can add up; making us realize we just may not be able to afford the wedding of our dreams. But, now you can relax knowing that it’s much easier than you think to plan the wedding of your dreams on a budget that works for you. Here are some practical tips:

Off-Season Weddings Are “ON”

May and October are popular wedding months, but not for a bride looking to save a little extra wedding cash. Scheduling your wedding off-season saves money and gives you the opportunity to negotiate with vendors on price. Off-season wedding planning also opens up a wealth of venue options. The most popular venues in your location may be impossible to schedule during prime wedding months, but a piece of cake during those quieter months. Want to make finding a venue in your budget even easier? Try jinniQuest by Wedjinni. This service gives couples the opportunity to request quotes for specific wedding services, like venue, with the click of a button. You provide the details: budget, date, time and location of wedding. JinniQuest then sends your wish to vendors. Vendors who are able to meet your requests, including budget, respond within one day (jinniQuest will be generally available on June).

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We are like kids. When kids do something they are proud of, they show it off all the time to others to share their excitement.
So, here is an early alpha stage of wedjinni running on an iPhone in very early alpha stage. We have progressed a lot since that, but we love to show off 🙂

Ok, here we are. After around one year and half, we have a beta release of wedjinni, 8 languages for the front-end, 2 languages for the back end of the web app, an iOS app to be released on June, an Android app to be released on August and A LOT of energy left!

This happens when you love what you do; instead of consuming energy it produces new and this energy helps you go on.

So, today, in the long list of achievements and the even longer of toDO items, we were able to wipe out the “Create a Blog for Wedjinni” entry. Hooray!

And for every item deleted on the list, new appear like the mythical greek Lernaean Hydra. So we now have to add content to the blog. Thankfully, this is the most exciting part of our job, because we always felt we had so much to say for wedjinni and what we do here. We also have some truly amazing bloggers with us, that will write about your wedding preparations, give tips about your perfect wedding day and also provide you with last minute tips.

Jim, on the other hand, will give more and more details about our Application Programming Interface (aka wedjinni api), which can help developers connect their project to wedjinni and exchange information.

This is an exciting stop for us, in an even more exciting journey.

And we are happy to have you along.