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jinniQuest uncovered: What it is and how it will change the way wedding professionals do business.

During the research for the perfect professional for each wedding task, we always struggle to find the best, the quickest, the fastest, and the cheapest if possible. Ok, perhaps not the most cheap, but the most economical while providing all the above. In fact, we lose so much time trying to find the best wedding venue, the best wedding photographer, caterer etc, ending up being overwhelmed with tons of information that is hard to process. At the top of all the above, sits the availability for each of them: This photographer is amazing, has the perfect eye for us, but, will he be available for my wedding day? Or will we be able to pay him?

So, let’s take the whole procedure in reverse mode: Let’s say you have a specific day for your wedding, a specific time and place and you already know how much from your budget can spend for your photographer. Why don’t communicate all this information to all the photographers that can offer their services to your area and wait and see what happens?

This is (will be) jinniQuest. The jinniQuest platform, is near completion and will be offered to all wedjinni clients for free. You can just click on jinniQuest, enter the details of the job that needs to be done, send the message and wait. The jinni will send the information to the registered professionals and they will get back to you promptly, sending you their proposals and samples from their job. Best of all? You know already that they are in your budget and they will be available for your wedding day. It’s now up to you to choose the best without messing with tons of sites, promos, flyers and lost time.

In case you want to find more about jinniQuest as a wedding professional, just register for early access at

We will even give you some free OilDrops to begin sending your proposals. And keep in mind, the wedjinni mobile app (available on June) will serve selected wedding vendors with geolocation data at the hands of the brides. You better be on the list!


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